Jun 26, 2013

Labels and tags for jars

While the nature is flurishing around us, it is time to think on the cold part of the year. I started to make marmelade, first on my list is currant, apricot time (my favourit) is in two to three weeks. But, besides preparing jam and marmelade, I enjoy to decorate jars. I always make more than we need and  give them as a gift to my friend and family - for Christmas, birthday or just for love.

Below find some photos and links to stickers and labels you can download and customize.

This is nice site, labels are simple but beautiful.

On the Wordlabel.com you can find number of customizable labels.

For romantic souls, vintage labels.

Or, you could make your own stickers - this is example how just with text, no pictures, labels could look cool.

Tips and tricks for printing stickers

There are number of ways to print labels or stickers and put them on jars. Sometimes I just print them on usual paper and glue them on jar or tie them as tags. Recently I got plain white stickers on A4 paper. After strugling with tuning (although first on the plain A4 paper), found that Microsoft Publisher (comes with MS Office) is very usefull and has built in feature for labels (in Templates). In Microsoft Word I am using tables to adjust  labels position.

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Jun 19, 2013

Decorate magnets

  Few plain magnets, a little bit of paint and creativity and you have personalized jewels on your (magnetic) board or fridge.  Too many things to remember, I decided at first to make a chalk board, then improved the idea and made magnetic chalk board (applied magnetic chalk board paint). Of course, needed magnets. The ones I had were just blue and unattractive, so needed to embellish them.

 Tutorial how I decorate magnets


You can paint  magnets with any paint or even nail polish, but if you would like to use napkins for decoration, it should be bright color.

I used two components resin to get depth and brilliance. Read product instructions carefully.

My  magnets photos

Board and my 'office' corner

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Jun 8, 2013

Preserve the beauty, press flowers

While the nature flourish it is good to recall the winter and preserve its beauty, especially when it doesn't take much time and effort. It is very  easy to press flowers or leaves.

Today I cut some flowers in my garden and few ginkgo leaves, I planted small tree few years ago.

Thin, flat flowers are the best for pressing. Place absorbent paper ( paper towel or tissue paper) in the middle of some heavy book and arrange the flowers blossoms. Cover with another piece of paper, close the book, put another one on the top of it for weight and forget for a few weeks (or few month in my case).

I also have some roses and pressed their petals.

That's it, now I'll have memories and variety of pressed flowers for my projects. 
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Jun 5, 2013

Vertical garden project journey - phase 1

Finally,  stars have set up properly for my vertical garden project. I found in the garage wooden box that  seems to be perfect. This is project that takes at least a month or two to be quite ready for the wall and I will regularly update photos. I am so eager to see how it will turn out. But, prior to planting, some preparations need to be done to protect wood and avoid wood decay.

Tutorial (and journey) to set up vertical garden

This is box 'before'. It looks pretty good and the  baffles could be removed. It might sound silly, but I discovered in the  last moment that this could be done (and was delighted, as this made my job much easier).

I cleaned it, sanded a little bit and then 'wax' with an old candle.

Applied one coat of white acrylic paint, left 20 minutes to dry and sanded again to distress it.

I also painted back of the box, I always take care about the sides that are not visible, as well.

To protect the wood from water and moisture, applied coat of transparent satin varnish for boats (I already had it on hand). Applied it inside and outside the box and left to dry - this is oil paint and it took almost  24 hours to dry.

And the protection efforts were not finished. I decided to use transparent adhesive foil for additional protection and incase the whole box. The foil I also already had, originaly it was bough for school books protection. I love the grid on the paper side, it is so much easier to measure and cut the foil.

So, I measured to foil and cut the corners (to 'create' the box  an put it inside the box.
Protected the buffles as well.

Box is now prepared and protected. More exciting part to follow.

Although this is going to be a vertical garden, I put some grit on the bottom for a drainage. First  couple of month (or until the plants spread around) the box will stay in horizontal position.

As planned to plant succulents, prepared a mix of 1/3 sand and 2/3 usual soil for flowers.

The box is now filled with soil. 

To avoid the soil to drift away, I fasten the metallic net onto the box.

Now, the best part - planting. I already have a lot of succulents - chose the smaller ones and planted them. I think I'll buy some additional on the green market, may be reddish or variegated.

What I learned? The meshes of the net were rather small, I had to use wooden stick for planting. It is better to use net with the bigger meshes. Some people used moss, may be this is even better, don't know.

At end, added soil and water sprayed my garden.
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