Oct 28, 2013

Fabric pumpkin

Photo taken from this site.

I am obsessed with pumpkins, can't help it. For those preferring to sew and not to carve or paint, here are some examples of fabric pumpkins and tuts how to make them.

How to make fabric pumpkin

how to make fabric pumpkin

On this site you can find detailed tut how to make this gorgeous pumpkins. Although, according to the tut, genuine stems are used, I think some wooden twig will do as well.
one very easy to make

These are really funny and original, remind me on Cinderella's carriage. If you like them, go to the thecottagemama.com .

This is one very easy to make pumpkin.

And if you prefer paper, this is project for you.
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Oct 16, 2013

Pumpkins again

Pumpkins are 'in' again. I love them - they are so colorful, interesting, funny and tasteful in so many ways, even seed and oil are delicious. Although Halloween is not so popular in Croatia, we love to decorate pumpkins and squashes.
Internet is full of pumpkin art, here are some I found the most interesting or funny, enjoy.

How to make a silhouette pumpkin

how to carve pumpkins

This easy to make tut find on www.thistlewoodfarms.com.

Pumpkin lanterns

how to carve pumpkins

Design*sponge is always current with themes. 

Patchwork pumpkin (and other tuts) by Alisa Burke

On the blog of Alisa Burke you can find various 'pumpkin' projects created over the years.

How to carve pumpkin

And, for the 'zero' step, find out how to carve pumpkin. Remeber, it is not easy.

Another carved pumpkin I realy love.

Few more photos for pumpkins lovers.

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Oct 8, 2013

Lavender bag

Lavender is certainly one of the best plants in my garden - so modest and durable, yet giving us so much joy. Except in the very begining, lavender don't require a lot of care. I enjoy the laveneder bushes all year long - in summer as well as in winter, not to mention the  beautiful fragrant flowers. I collected flowers month ago and found some time today to make a little lavender bag (some other ideas still in the pipeline).

How to make lavender bag


Material: fabric scaps, rope, lavender, wooden bead

Cut a paper triangle (pattewrn for the bag), then cut two fabric pieces. Put them together (right sides together) and sew them, leaving opening at the base.

Turn on the right side, fill in with the lavender and  hand sew the opening.

Pull the rope through the bag and through the bead, make simple knots.

Hand sew little lace skirt and lavender bag is finished.

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