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Feb 13, 2014

Valentine's day last minute gifts

It is Valentine's day  tomorrow, but everyday is as good to show our love ones they are special to us. Here are some simple gifts and cards, easy to make, to give the people we love. I prefer fridge magnet above, I found it on this interesting site. Clothespins could be excellent material for crafting.

Valentines' day  cards 

Or just give a rose!

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Jun 26, 2013

Labels and tags for jars

While the nature is flurishing around us, it is time to think on the cold part of the year. I started to make marmelade, first on my list is currant, apricot time (my favourit) is in two to three weeks. But, besides preparing jam and marmelade, I enjoy to decorate jars. I always make more than we need and  give them as a gift to my friend and family - for Christmas, birthday or just for love.

Below find some photos and links to stickers and labels you can download and customize.

This is nice site, labels are simple but beautiful.

On the you can find number of customizable labels.

For romantic souls, vintage labels.

Or, you could make your own stickers - this is example how just with text, no pictures, labels could look cool.

Tips and tricks for printing stickers

There are number of ways to print labels or stickers and put them on jars. Sometimes I just print them on usual paper and glue them on jar or tie them as tags. Recently I got plain white stickers on A4 paper. After strugling with tuning (although first on the plain A4 paper), found that Microsoft Publisher (comes with MS Office) is very usefull and has built in feature for labels (in Templates). In Microsoft Word I am using tables to adjust  labels position.

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Jun 8, 2013

Preserve the beauty, press flowers

While the nature flourish it is good to recall the winter and preserve its beauty, especially when it doesn't take much time and effort. It is very  easy to press flowers or leaves.

Today I cut some flowers in my garden and few ginkgo leaves, I planted small tree few years ago.

Thin, flat flowers are the best for pressing. Place absorbent paper ( paper towel or tissue paper) in the middle of some heavy book and arrange the flowers blossoms. Cover with another piece of paper, close the book, put another one on the top of it for weight and forget for a few weeks (or few month in my case).

I also have some roses and pressed their petals.

That's it, now I'll have memories and variety of pressed flowers for my projects. 
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Feb 4, 2013

Valentine sugar card

Valentine sugar card

In my believe, it is always better to make cards and gifts by yourself - in that way you show people you do care about them - in the hectic and busy era we live, time is the most precious to give. This card is easy to make, I like to use material I can find at home.

Read this simple tutorial how to make Valentine sugar card.

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Jan 31, 2013

Valentine cards

Valentine day is approaching and  although I don't like the commercial pressure of that day, it is nice to dedicate one day to love and friendship. In my country it is not custom to give  cards on that day, but as I like cards, I made some - it was fun and easy, and I have plan to make some more. They can be used also for birthdays, Christmas or any other special day. Of course, I used chalkboard paint again, I just love it and use it whenever I can.
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