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Dec 23, 2014

Steampunk brooch in a half an hour

It is amazing how you can use junk and scraps to make extraodinary things. For this brooch I used fabric scraps and old watches I bought on flee markt. Few stitches, hot glue and brooch pin - and brooch is done.

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Jul 1, 2014

Felted birds brooch - multipurpose

felted birds brooch

Birds are singing all day long in my garden and i can't help it but make few felted birds brooches to put them on my purse or wear them as brooches. Read this tutorial below to see how it is easy to make them.

Tutorial how to make felted birds brooch



Besides felt and fabric scraps, I used small buttons for eyes, double-sided iron-on vlieseline tape (to fasten scraps), filling and brooch pin.

felted birds brooch pattern

felted birds brooch patterns

First I draw the shape on the paper and cut it out - used it to cut two pieces from felt. Then cut 'wing' shape from fabric scrap, fasten it using double-sided iron-on vlieseline tape and sew it afterwards on the felt. Sew the button for the eye.

felted birds brooch layers

felted birds brooch layers

felted birds brooch layers

Now it is time to form the bird - put first back, then yellow piece for the beak, fillling, string for legs and front felt. Fasten it with the pin.

To make final stiching easier, I basted pieces first and then hand stiched it.

felted birds brooch pin

Finally sew the brooch pin at the back - I experimented a little bit  and found out that the best result is achieved with the pin put in the middle of the bird. 

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Feb 20, 2013

Felted birds

Spring is near, birds are coming back!


Spring is near (I do hope so, although  snow is forecasted in Zagreb for this week), birds are coming back soon. After black/grey/brown season,  bring some colors in your life.  I had so much fun making these birds and new ideas hot to use them were popping in with each new bird. I made decorations,  brooch, garnish for my purse, key charm, just with little customisation.

Read more in the tutorial: How to make felted birds

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Oct 26, 2012

Paper bead jewelry

I am always working on few parallel projects. Sometimes it is OK, I need to rethink about the next step or simply, wait for paint to dry. But sometimes, I am eager to finish everything and have too much on the agenda. I am writing this because I was frustrated this morning when remember that started paper bead necklace few month ago and did't have time to finish it (and needed just the like the unfinished one). Paper is definitely my favorite material. And how to make paper beads and make various jewelry pieces you can find on the paperbeads site. I discovered it recently and love the pieces and tuts I found there.

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