Jan 26, 2014

Paper daisies

Until yesterday we've had winter I've always dreamed of - average day  temperature around  12⁰ C  (not recorded in the last 150 years). Today completely different picture - snow fell white color prevails outside. But this is not the reason not to enjoy the flowers, if only paper ones, even better, as we can play with colors and forms.

This paper daisy is easy to make, find the tutorial below.

Tutorial how to make paper daisy


- paper of your choice, glue, scissors, wooden stick or wire for the steam, cork

I trimmed cork to be cca 8 mm wide and cca 2,5 cm long.

Cut three pieces of paper 14 x 7 cm and cut the fringes. For the first layer fringes were 4,5 cm long, for the second one 3 mm longer, for the third layer another 3 mm loner.  

Put the glue on the part of the paper not 'fringed' and roll it around the cork. 

Repeat with the second layer - notice that fringes are 3 mm below the first layer. Repeat with the third layer.

Glue little button in the middle and green paper around the stick to get a steam and the flower is finished.

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Jan 19, 2014

Friendship scrolls

fabric friendship scroll

Although living in the digital era, having smart phones, tablets, notebooks - good, old paper is still very much alive. So, I made those scrolls for myself and my closest friends to keep common photos and memories.  I found the idea in the free ebook from the Cloth Paper Scissors site - it was a scroll to keep souvenirs from the journey. I used it for our friendship journey.

Tutorial how to make friendship scrolls

fabric friendship scroll

Use a piece of fabric, aproximately 33 x 11 cm. I prepainted an area for the photo as I had some isues with the transfer technique. Used photo transfer paper for the dark fabric. (Don't make the same mistake I did - read the instructions.)

fabric friendship scroll

After the photo tranfer was succesfully accomplished, I painted the fabric with the acrylic fabric paint and played a little bit with stencils.

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

This is the back side of the scroll. I also write some text - sentence about friendship.

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

For the scroll interior I printed calendar on the parchment paper and added a page of  handmade paper. On the calendar just marked our birthdays. I made four such pairs  and stiched them on the fabric 12 mm one after another.

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

Before stiching the paper, flipped the edge of the fabric and stitched it, put inside the wire. You can see it (left edge).

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

Finally, stitched the ribbon. The scroll is over. I printed some of  old photos and input them within the paper pairs. 

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

fabric friendship scroll tutorial

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Jan 7, 2014

Origami angels for the new year

Angels again, this time simple, easy to make, but beautiful origami paper angels. It is a great fun folding them and varying the paper you can make them to fit everywhere. 

Tutorial how to make origami angel

Tutorial for this angel I found on this link as pdf file. It was designed at papirfoldning.dk - great origami side. Although it is mostly on dannish, I am sure everyone can manage to understand diagrams.

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