Sep 25, 2012

Amazing laces

Pag lace

Fall has begun, fashion theme articles, magazines, portals are inviting us to malls and clothes shops. Lace is 'must have' in wardrobe. That reminds me on the art of hand-making lace in Croatia, where I live. We are small country, but there are even three main centres of lacemaking in Croatia, whose work is a continuation of the long-lasting lacemaking tradition. These are: Lepoglava in Hrvatsko zagorje (west-northern part of the country) with bobbin lace, island Pag on the Adriatic see with needle point lace and island Hvar with aloe lace. They are all inlisted on UNESCO representative list of intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is impossible to say which one is more beautiful, for me they are all breathtaking and astonishing. 
When I see such handmade art, I feel embarrassed looking at my own craft work. But it is not appropriate at all to compare masterpiece with some hobby craft. Just enjoy the art and lace masterpieces.

Lepoglava lace 

Hvar lace from agava

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Sep 19, 2012

Hanger out of pockets

Few weeks ago I was cleaning a closet - what to keep, what to throw away, what to pack for the charity. First decided to get rid of the old linen jacket I haven't worn in years. At the last momment, I got the idea to use the pockets for a hanger. This is tutorial how I did it. Now I am searching the closet for some other old things with pockets to  make another hanger. The real challenge is to convince my hubby to get rid of old stuff.

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Sep 11, 2012

Paper basket

I've been very busy lately, working simultaneously on few projects. I am taking photos to use them in tutorials, hope this will be done soon. One of my 'projects' is also tidying up  the closets.  I found this interesting recycled paper basket on Design*Sponge. I am planning to make some, when finish other on going tasks, to make  better order in my closets and on shelves. Hope my hubby won't freak out, as usually, when I am reorganizing the house.

Find tutorial here.
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