Nov 25, 2013

Don't throw away driftwood

Being a Mediterranean country, boats  are part of our tradition and driftwood art is becoming more popular every day. I just love it. It reminds me on the summer and seaside in these rainy November days. And above all, it is good to remember that the world around us  should be seen from different angles.
All art & craft on photos are made by Croatian artists or crafters. Enjoy!

These two boats are work of Tatjana Tekovic.

Driftwood place

Another lovely boat.

For this interesting necklace you can see tutorial.

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Nov 19, 2013

Something new for gift wrapping

OK, it might not be so new, but it is so simple, yet so nice, and there are endless variations. New Year is near and it is time to start thinking about gifts fo our love ones. Ant it is never just about buying and shopping, but how to make these moments solemn. Wrapping gift is as important to me as chosing the gift. I found this very easy yet very clever way of gift wrapping and made small tut to share it.

Tutorial how to make gifts box

Make a pattern: draw half a circle and add 1 cm of lenght. Size of the circle (and the box) depends on the gift.
Put the pattern on the paper and cut the four such pieces. Cut the square with the size of the circle diameter.

Bottom of the box (outer)

Inner side of the box
Glue this half circles on the square bottom.

Fold the 'petals' one under the previous (las one under the first one).

Take paper tape and glue it (not to the box, but two tape ends together).

Now it's the time to add string, other tapes, decorations.

Or, you can personalize yout own paper. Or, my favourite, recycle journals or newspapers.

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Nov 10, 2013

Trolley shopping bag - something old, something new

My weekly ritual is visit to the green market where local farmers sell their product. I am going there for years and built a relationship with some of them. I know where to buy fresh cheese, who has the best carrot or potato, who's products are organic. And always buy over 1o kilograms, it's too heavy for me to carry bags. Trolley shopping bag is marvelous invention, I've been using it  more than 20 years. On the old one bag became worn out, metal construction was still good. And I decided to sew something original, and the bag that will match my requirements. This is the result, I am very pleased with the result (and that is not the case with all my projects). Here is the tutorial how I made it.

Trolley shopping bag DIY tutorial


- old jeans (I bought two pairs in second hand shop for 3,5 $)
 - leftover fabric
- eco leather (decided to buy it later on)

From back part of the jeans legs made front of the trolley.
Another trousers used for the back side.

This stripped fabric I used for the sides. The upper edge I strengthened with the nonwoven and two layers of the fabric.

I need big inner pocket of the shopping bag (this I couldn't find in any bag I could buy). So, I used jeans as well for the base and sewed original pocket to be used as one pocket and stripped fabric for another one. 

Stripped fabric fastened on the base together with the zipper (see photo).

For the lower end of the pocket I made a pleat, to be able to put in more things.

For the bottom of the bag decided to use eco leather. First pinned it, then hand stitched and finally sewed (twice, to be firm).

The original bag was made of synthetic material. Jeans is rather soft and heavy and the back side was not standing upright. Wire frame from the old bag I used to fasten the  front side. For the back side had several options and decided to make insert from the fabric and sponge and input the cardboard. 

Finally, used   eco leather to make the cap. Added some details in the meantime.

My trolley shopping bag :

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