Jul 20, 2012

Petal paper flower

Whether You'd like to decorate birthday gift, wedding table, bring joy or sent of the nature  in your home, cheer up friends (or yourself), paper flowers are here.  They are low-cost, beautiful and colorful, and, of course, easy to make. Guys, if you forgot to buy flowers for your girl/wife, make one, she'll be delighted. It is easy to buy them (if you remenber), but the time and creativity you spend doing something yourself, that is priceless.
Look the petal paper flower tutorial.

Petal Paper flower Tutorial

Material for the flower: I like to recycle material whenever I can and use leftovers, newspapers, packaging, material people usually get rid of.

For this flower I used:
  • old newspapers - cca 1,5 A4 page
  • white glue (or any other glue you have on hand)
  • twig I cut of during spring shrub pruning (you can use a piece of wire or some wand) to use it for the flower's stem
  • watercolors and tempera (or any other color you have)
  • thread for the stamens - I used colored rope I already had, but wool or cotton would be fine too
  • scissors and brush

Step 1: For the flower, you will need petals in three sizes, six petals of each size. First, color the paper you will use for petals. You don't need to be very precise - even better if the color is not uniformly applied. Color both sides and leave it to dry - time depends on the type of paint and paper quality. For tempera or watercolor, 10 minutes is enough. It is not necessary for the paper to be 100% dry.

Step 2: As you will need 6 petals, make 6 layers of paper (roll it or cut it, whatever is best for you). Then cut petals - three sizes. Again, not necessary to be perfect form or cut. At the end, crumple paper petals a little bit, the final look will be more 'natural'.

Step 3: 'Tousle' the end of the thread to create the stamen. Then take a thread and a twig (or wire or the thing you decided to use for the stem) and the first (the smallest one) petal. Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the petal and glue it around the twig and stem.

Step 4: Continue around with other petals of the same size - you'll get first layer. Take a midsize petal, put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the petal and glue it on the first layer. Continue around with other petals of the same size. Repeat with the biggest petals. Don't worry if something isn't perfect, it is no need to be (even better).

Step 5: Your flower is finished, make some more, in different or the same color.

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