Nov 24, 2014

Vintage cupboard to cheer me up

This cupboard I put in my kitchen proofs that old furniture could and should be refurbished to improve our space and bring something original in our home.

And this is how the adventure started

This old cupboard belons to my family for decades - in good condition, but ugly. Decided to make something new.

First, of course, dismantled doors and metal parts.

Then sanding, sanding, sanding and cleaning the dust.

Priming is important step as well. I am priming and painting all sides, even back side.

 I decided to combine  three colors - white, black and red.  This plastic plate is cheap and very useful for painting, recommend to use - there is part to pour paint and part to drain roller or brush. 

I am using ruller for the majority of my work, brush just for corners. Look at this post to see how to chose rollers and brushes.

For the stripes and combining colors, use tapes.

And now, there are some details of the finished cupboard:

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